Amaunator's Lament

Amaunator’s Lament is a gold necklace on which the ancient Netherese symbol of Amaunator hangs. It glows with a soft, yellow-white light when not in direct sunlight. Followers of Amaunator feel an aversion to the artifact.

Little is known of this Amaunator’s Lament, save that Amaunator himself created the amulet long ago in order to right a wrong regarding the undead. The elders of Tilverton used the amulet in order to conjure an older version of Tilverton from long ago in response to an attack by the FoDI. It appeared to fortify Tilverton’s buildings with former incarnations of themselves; the elders displayed powers and memories they did not previously seem to have; and upon the elders’ use of the powers granted by the amulet, tears in magic (known as spell scars) manifested in those areas.

While Amaunator’s Lament previously displayed great power, it is now largely latent. It grants a small bonus to hit and damage versus any target, and a slightly larger bonus to undead targets. It also seemed to penetrate an otherwise impervious defense of the FoDI’s in Tilverton.


Amaunator's Lament

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