Uhhh… you’ve got a dwarf on your back.

Hey all! Welcome to the DoB campaign home space.

Some quick notes for newbies:

  • The big links at the very top are for the entire OS site. For just our site, use the smaller tabs below our title.
  • The right-hand bar has useful page-specific content and tools; keep an eye on it.
  • The main pages:
    • Adventure Log – A blog space to record our party’s story so far.
    • Wiki – Just for DoB, we can use it to store information about PCs, NPCs, places, GM notes, etc.
    • Characters – A home for all the Wiki pages designated as “Characters”. Be sure to create a page for your character!
    • Forums – Self explanatory— use them!
    • Maps – A map of Faerun with important locations tagged.
    • Comments – General comments for our whole campaign space.

Create your character page first. After that, if you know anything about important nouns in our campaign, start creating wiki pages!

Dwarf on Back

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