The Undead Plague

The adventurers had gone to see a Thane about a siege. During their absence, Shadowdale came under a strange illness. People began dying in droves – and most of them re-rose as infected zombies, which spread the disease even further.

Upon the adventurers’ return to Shadowdale, they were entreated by Cardinal Dragonheart to discover the source of the infection, to put a stop to it, and to attempt to save as many people as they could in the process.

It came to pass that the adventurers discovered a plot within Shadowdale itself. Upon visiting the apothecary, they discovered that he, in actuality, worships Vecna. His operative cell delivered to him a shipment of oil used in various tinctures – but the oil was pre-tainted with the disease.

Shortly after removing the active menace within Shadowdale, the party returned to the Temple of Bahamut. A messenger arrived with a very important missive – attacks such as this had occurred throughout the heavily-populated areas of the world. It was planned.

The Undead Plague

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