Hades Manor

First appeared in: Third Adventure by Vivi

Hades Manor is a run-down and haunted mansion just outside of Shadowdale, originally owned and inhabited by the Count Hades and his wife Persephone Hades.

As the Count is deceased, and Persephone has moved on to better things, the Friends of Dwarf on Back has been using the Manor from time-to-time as a base of operations.


Ground Floor
Pantry – Lined with shelves. Has a trap door in the floor that leads down a passage directly to the cellar.
Elevator – It’s very rickety and has a rusty metal gate. May not work.
Servants Quarters – Lined with cots.
Servant Living Area – Eating area, crude washrooms, bits of entertainment, etc.
Utility Room – Partly under the stairs. Once used for storage and washing clothes.
Ballroom – Was once very lavish and grand, but is in major disrepair. Several holes in the ceiling led to upstairs rooms, but they have since been repaired. There are pedestals which once held expensive art, long-since stolen (by the party). A thick mist once covered the floor, but it has since been removed by Content Not Found: ellaera. Now a small ball of playful mist inhabits the room.
Gallery – Lined on both sides with tattered paintings and other works of art. Thick moth-eaten curtains. Suits of rusty armor are scattered across the floor.
Parlor – Lots of sitting room with comfy chairs and a grand piano.
Foyer – Grand staircase. Splintered chairs and bits of smashed chandelier.

2nd Floor
Dining Hall – A huge table runs along the center. There’s a large fireplace at the West end.
Master Bedroom – Large four-post bed. Secret passage behind the nightstand in the NW corner leads to a long spiral staircase, which ends at a small alchemy lab. Adjacent to the alchemy room is a larger lab, which also connects to a long passage leading to the cellar.
Nursery – Never occupied, but the Mrs. went baby crazy, so it’s filled with baby stuff, dolls, etc. Very creepy!
Library – TONS of books, though many are old and moldy. The most recent collection of tomes is scattered across various tables and deals with necromantic arts.
Round Room – Has a suit of armor in each corner, and a medium dais in the center with a slot in the top for the puzzle key. Inserting the key causes the room to rotate one quarter turn, closing the library and hall passages, but opening the balcony passage and stairs to the glassroom.
Mirror – Large mirror embedded in to the S wall opposite the Round Room. The mirror portrays decayed and dead things as bright and living (including the surrounding manor), but shows living things as dead and decaying (including the party). If a soul is present and willing, it can communicate with the living through the mirror. The mirror cannot be broken or moved without breaking the enchantment.
3rd Floor
Glasshouse – A greenhouse tower with glass walls and roof, overgrown with thick vines.

Hades Manor

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