Yellga Krankenphlegerin Von Shrillstein

Rotund, female, Viking-hat-wearing, opera singer


Played by Mark Whitley
Class: Bard
Role: Leader
Alignment: Good
Languages: Common, Giant

Skills: Excels at mostly the social skills: Streetwise, Diplomacy, Bluff, Intimidate. Reasonably good Perception & Insight as well. She gets a net +3 to all untrained skills via class features & feats so she does pretty well in the skill department.

Powers: Features mostly healing and powers that can move ppl around (allies and enemies). Not really a combat monster. Capable of out-screeching a banshee.


Yellga is a performer that is past her prime. She goes adventuring because it helps her to relive her glory days. She also feels like she has some experience that she can use to help benefit the party (which is very occasionally true). She remembers a time when she could wow the crowds and woo the men. Anytime she can perform for an audience and get accolades or flirt with some guy and actually get a response is a huge win for her. She’s also a bit of a “mother hen” and gets some personal fulfillment from “taking care” of the party members (supporting them, healing them, getting them out of harm’s way, etc.).

Yellga Krankenphlegerin Von Shrillstein

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