Trade Baroness Salope

Trade Baroness Salope is a middle-aged woman who weilds substantial influence over parts of Selgaunt, particularly the docks and surrounding district


As a town almost entirely devoted to transportation and trade, Selgaunt’s most powerful figures are often the head of merchant cartels, and Salope is no exception. She inherited her family’s business from her parents, but this is not the silver spoon it may seem to be, and she has had to work hard to maintain her position in such a ruthless economic city.

The Trade Baroness is middle-aged human with blonde hair, slightly faded from age, which she usually wears up in a bun. She is pretty, but not unnusually so, and speaks with a (bad) “French” accent. She lives in a large manor, fully equipped with its own dungeon and torture chambers.

Salope will stop at nothing to achieve her goals, and often comes across as entitled, or bitchy. She has a rebellious daughter named Penelope. The Baroness wants Penelope to marry for wealth and power and to continue building the family business, but Penelope has other ideas, and this strains their relationship.

Trade Baroness Salope

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