Titanius Anglesmith Fancy Man of Cornwood

Rogue Scoundrel


Level: 16

Defensive Stats

Armor Class: 30
Fortitude: 27
Reflex: 30
Willpower: 24

Offensive Stats

Strength: 21
Constitution: 12
Dexterity: 21
Intelligence: 11
Wisdom: 9
Charisma: 15


Acrobatics: 22
Arcane: 8
Athletics: 18
Bluff: 10
Diplomacy: 10
Dungeoneering: 12
Endurance: 9
Heal: 7
History: 10
Insight: 7
Intimidation: 12
Nature: 7
Perception: 8
Religion: 8
Stealth: 18
Streetwise: 15
Thievery: 18

Qualities of Interest

  • Can use Dragon Breath as an opportunity attack. (Encounter)
  • Can force enemies to attack themselves instead of me if I draw opportunity attacks from them. (Daily)
  • When I spend an action point, I get +2 to attack. (Encounter)
  • I can see in the dark.
  • If I hit a bloodied enemy, I get +5 temporary hit points.
  • I get +1 to attacks when bloodied.
  • Melee attacks can be radiant or untyped. (At-will Free Action to switch)
  • I can use enemies as cover and if the attacker misses, he must roll to see if he hits my cover. (Encounter)
  • I can end one condition that requires a saving roll. (Encounter)
  • When a flanking enemy attempts to attack me, I can interrupt the attack and move it two squares to a different square that is still adjacent to me.

Titanius Anglesmith Fancy Man of Cornwood

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