The Others


The Others are a ragtag adventuring party which our group first encountered within the Crypt of the Twelve.



Seldana Moralmir

Seldana is a female Half-Elf, Half-Tiefling Warlock, who tends to be the unofficial leader of the group. She is a very headstrong, no-nonsense gal, who often comes across as rude or abrasive.

Shylock McCoy O’Shamus

Shylock is a male Halfling Wizard. He is small, shy, and almost never speaks. When he does speak, his voice is slow and shaky with a ‘leprechaun’ accent.

Ursus Raincaller

Ursus is a Warforged Monk. He is friendly and down-to-earth, though he often keeps to himself. Nobody knows how he came to be known by such a ‘primal’ name, but the rumor is that he picked it for himself.

Morty Blythe

Morty is a male Human Cleric. Morty basically has a negative charisma score. His face is blunt and scarred, his voice is grating, he stutters and stumbles over the simplest of sentences, and he is constantly putting his foot in his mouth.

Richard Mennar

Richard is a male Half-Orc Fighter, who is very down-to-earth and easygoing. Richard tends to act first, and think later. He often spends a lot of time contemplating the actions of the previous day, but when the fighting begins, his instincts kick in. Though he’s normally fairly bright, he is absolutely convinced that he and Neil Mennar are somehow related.


Puddleclutz is a petite female Dwarven Rogue. She loves to tell rambling stories that don’t really go anywhere, and gets easily excited at the prospect of anyone who will listen. She speaks very quickly and with a cute but stereotypical dwarven accent. Puddle is also overly helpful, extremely clumsy, and has the worst luck imaginable; despite this, she has a pretty positive outlook. Her favorite story involves the fact that her clan believes she is possessed by an ancient and angry reincarnated spirit, which causes all the bad things to happen to and around her, though Puddleclutz believes this is nonsense.

The Others

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