Thane Gedric


Thane Nor Gedric is the leader of the Gurdunni Dwarves, who reside in the Desertsmouth Mountains.

Gedric is a grizzled leader and military strategist, with little in the way of emotions to cloud his thinking. He has no problem making tough decisions that lead to a greater good for his people, even if this means sacrificing some so others may live. This is sometimes seen as a form of cruelty, but the Thane himself is sure these decisions must be made, and that they may as well be made swiftly and decisively.

These decisions landed him on a list of assassination targets when Alexandra, trying to save herself from a literal devil’s bargain, asked a seer for the names of ten people who sacrifice the lives of others to achieve their own goals. Before Alexandra was able to attempt the assassination, our heroes stepped in and slayed the devil, releasing her from the bargain and saving the Thane.

Thane Gedric

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