Naess Synd

King of Thieves. The rest of the world just hasn't realized it yet.


Played by Mitch
Race: Master Human
Class: Rogue
Role: Striker
Alignment: Unaligned
Languages: Common, Elven (the latter used exclusively to swindle dirty pointy-ears)

Skills: Thievery, stealth, acrobatics, deceit and general mischievousness.

Powers: Getting into places he shouldn’t be. Getting out of places he doesn’t want to be. Backs and the stabbing thereof. In summary: used for awesome.


Though he’d never admit it, Naess was born to loving parents in Assam, where he grew up healthy, happy and comfortable, never wanting for food or shelter. Which is not to say he’s embarrassed of his past; he still maintains regular correspondence with his parents and enjoys returning to visit them whenever the opportunity arises.

The night after his departure from Assam with a merchant caravan, a bard traveling with them recounted the tale of a famous rogue who grew up an orphan and vagabond on the streets of Baldur’s Gate. Naess immediately decided this made a much better story than his own and has been using it ever since, though he has the presence of mind to change the location in his version to Westgate. It wouldn’t do to have those he’s drinking with recognize the story as a fake and become (even more) suspicious of him, after all.

That the fact this is essentially the only detail changed in a story lifted virtually whole-cloth from a fairly well-known legend might lead others to doubt the veracity of his “origin” has never occurred to him.

Naess Synd

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