Mother Malaffection


Mother Malaffection is a strict, homely woman, described as a stoutly-built disciplinarian with a protuberant nose and a dark-haired unibrow.


Mother Malaffection was the head of the local Shadowdale Temple of Bahamut. Under her supervision, the Scepter of Bahamut was stolen, and the party was asked to bring it back. They did so, and just in time, for the entourage accompanying Cardinal Dragonheart arrived shortly after the party’s triumphant return to the Temple. Upon seeing the state of the people under the care of Mother Malaffection, Dragonheart expressed his discontent with her work and decided it was in her best interest to partake of humanitarian efforts in the Jungle of Bones and Lice, in Chult.

In recent times, Mother Malaffection’s exposure to hardship and strife has softened both her disposition and facial expression. She attempts to assist the Friends of Dwarf on Back from their center of power during these dark times, in Hades Manor.

Mother Malaffection

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