Lethe Windspeaker

Razorclaw-Shifter Shaman played by Vivi Blue


Played by Vivi Blue
Class: Shaman
Role: Leader
Race: Razorclaw Shifter
Alignment: Unaligned
Languages: Common, Draconic

Skills: Outdoorsy skills – Athletics, Heal, Nature, and Perception. Secondary skills include Acrobatics and Stealth.

Powers: Focused on keeping Fleet and the rest of the party alive.


Lethe comes from a small jungle village, where she was groomed from a young age to become the current and aging village shaman’s successor. Lethe loves nature, and learned the shamanistic ways quickly; soon the elder shaman began running out of things to teach her. Thirsting for more knowledge, Lethe begged the elder to commune with the spirits to determine if she could somehow continue her learning. After doing so, the shaman told Lethe that the village would undergo a great trial in the years ahead, which she would need to be well prepared for. The elder told her that she should strike out on her own to learn all she could from the world, with the intent to eventually return, take over his position, and face the trials ahead.

Lethe is very enthusiastic towards learning, but the more she learns, the less she wants to think about going home, so she uses simple fun as a way to forget about her eventual duty. She is only semi-socially aware, is not afraid to be “close to nature” (dirty), and is very carefree; people often mistake these traits for dimwittedness. Lethe’s spirit animal is a large ferret named Fleet, who has become her good friend and companion over the years, despite his inability to speak.

Lethe Windspeaker

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