Haddock Blacklung


Haddock Blacklung, also known as “The Mining King”, is the head honcho of the Scardale Mines.

It’s unknown whether or not he is related to the Blacklung royalty, from whom the mine derives its namesake. Royalty or not, Blacklung has been mining for some 32 years, and has undoubtedly earned his moniker by being the most skilled miner in the area.

Haddock requested our heroes’ help when various unprecedented problems began plaguing his mine. The party ingratiated The Mining King by managing to solve most of these issues.

Naess Synd had this to say about Haddock:
“Lord and benevolent ruler of the majestic port city of Scardale, Haddock Blacklung is a man among men, strong as a bear and clever as a rat. An example of finest character, possessing outstanding courage, but more importantly understanding the value of his intact hide. A paragon of honor and integrity, though not so much as to prevent him doing what’s necessary to avoid or escape unfortunate and ugly situations. On top of it all, a cool confidence and charm Tymora herself would be proud of. Despite being owner of the extraordinary wealth of the Blacklung Mines and, it is often said, the handsomest man outside the noble district of Neverwinter, Haddock nevertheless hasn’t forgotten his humble roots and retains an appreciation for the simple pleasures in life; gambling, ale and the company of bawdy women.

In short, Haddock Blacklung is a champion. A man of virtue who understands the value of vice. A man of such greatness as is seldom known in our world."

Haddock Blacklung

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