Figure of Dubious Intent (Samuel Augustus Hyde)


A mysterious character who was ostensibly behind many of the unfortunate events which have recently befallen the Dalelands. More recently, he was shown to be a servant of Amaunator forced into Vecna’s service against his will for transgressions committed long ago.


The true name of the Figure of Dubious Intent is Samuel. The following facts and events have been observed before he joined forces with the Friends of Dwarf on Back:

  • Seen conversing with the goblins which were raiding Shadowdale and other areas of the Dalelands.
  • Spotted in Shadowdale just prior to the battle with the Demonoids.
  • Assaulted Tilverton in an attempt to obtain Amaunator’s Lament, twice.
  • Rides a powerful nightmare.
  • Attempted to abscond with the Scepter of Bahamut via the employ of The Great Theosis.
  • Defensive powers seemed susceptible to attacks from the wearer of Amaunator’s Lament.
  • Appeared for a second time in the Disapparating Fortress, in the company of a dark, female figure of great power.
  • Expressed obedience to the second figure in the Disapparating Fortress, but also stated that if it were not for some existing condition (perhaps a punishment?) he would be enemies with the above-mentioned figure.
  • Wore a symbol of Amaunator.

Through the efforts of the Friends of Dwarf on Back, Samuel was released of his bonds to Vecna and has joined the party in the quest to stop the dread deity. Samuel has since proven invaluable as a source of information regarding undead beings and several of Vecna’s guarded secrets, and waits in Hades Manor for the next opportunity to assist the Friends.

Figure of Dubious Intent (Samuel Augustus Hyde)

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