Played by George Priday
Race: Deva
Class: Invoker
Role: Controller
Alignment: Unaligned
Languages: Common, Primoridal, Giant

Skills: Knowledge skills – Arcana, History, Religion. She also has high Insight, as many lifetimes of interacting with people has given her great understanding of how people work.

Powers: Focused on hampering creatures with conditions (slow, daze, etc) or attempting to prevent them from moving or attacking by causing damage when they try. Fabulous against clusters of minions. Powers do radiant damage almost exclusively. Pretty good defense scores; average hitpoints; can take a few hits in a pinch, but definitely not a front-line defender, as all of her powers are ranged.


Embergrace was an angel in Amaunator’s service in the beginning of time. She chose to become mortal and to enter the cycle of reincarnation in order to directly further Amaunator’s will in the world. Because of this, Embergrace feels firmly linked to her deity, and understands his wants in her own way. She will uphold Amaunator in unusual ways which his typical worshippers wouldn’t consider; for example, she will happily work with clerics or other worshippers of opposed deities, provided their ends will further Amaunator’s own.

Embergrace really likes people; however, her latest incarnation was very recent. Her current adventuring party are the only people with whom she has ever spent a length of time. She is quickly becoming quite attached to them.

Over myriad lifetimes, Embergrace has experienced a great deal of the mortal condition, and has few desires outside of the service of Amaunator. She greatly enjoys intellectual challenges, and likes to strategize and plan tactics. She loves the battlefield and takes great care to create advantageous situations for herself and her adventuring companions. Often, Embergrace becomes frustrated when others don’t quite grasp the intricacies of combat that, to her, are readily apparent.

Recently, Embergrace reincarnated in the Dalelands, in an ancient, secluded shrine dedicated to Amaunator. She remembers little from her past incarnations. Embergrace senses that she has a specific purpose or direction which becomes clear over her lifetime, but she is always killed before accomplishing the goal. Whether her repeated demise is due to happenstance or the intervention of a being, either worldly or extraplanar, is beyond her ken.


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