Harper Illusionist Scout, Badass


Ellaera is a stately, almost statuesque eladrin with a bold bearing dressed in fancifully bright clothing designed to catch and distract the eye. She works with the Harpers, an agency known in the Dalelands to work for the better good.

Some time ago, Ellaera was sent sent with a few other scouts in order to determine what is happening in the Dalelands. She got lost in the fog on her way in, but was able to make her way to Shadowdale regardless. Upon surveying the area, she found the townspeople to have turned to undead, but was unable to escape back through the fog. She watched the Friends of Dwarf on Back enter the area and journey back and forth, but before she decided to approach them they entered the Shadowdale Temple of Bahamut a final time and never returned.

Ellaera has since spent her time at Hades Manor, attempting to make it a home for the foreseeable future. She performed some repairs in the ball room and cleared out the mist, and set up a laboratory in the basement.


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