Count Hades


First appeared in: Third Adventure by Vivi

Count Hades (pronounced “haydz”) was a wealthy man, known for throwing lavish dinner parties at Hades Manor for various highbrow guests.

A few years in to his marriage to Persephone Hades, the Count became infatuated with dark necromantic magics. He filled his library with books on various spells and rituals, and began sacrificing his servants and guests to fuel his horrible experiments. Hades spared one cowardly but useful servant, Arlese, and promised power in return for servitude. When he ran out of living subjects, Hades started using bodies from the nearby cemetery.

The Count’s final experiment was intended to grant him power and a longer lifespan by draining the life force of one strong of heart (Persephone) and one strong of will (Nicolai), but he picked on the wrong adventuring party, and was eventually killed by our heroes.


Count Hades

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