Cardinal Dragonheart


Cardinal Dragonheart is a kindly, grandfatherly old cleric. As his title might suggest, he is part of the upper echelons of the worshipers of Bahamut. He is well known for offering his healing magics to those who need it, handing out dragon head-shaped lollipops to children, and giving a smile to all he meets. He took over stewardship of the Temple of Bahamut in Shadowdale after seeing how poorly it was run under the austere leadership of Mother Malafection.

Recently, Dragonheart was discovered to be deceased. His head was sent by courier to the Friends of Dwarf on Back as an invitation and a clear threat, and his body was found in the Shadowdale Temple of Bahamut.

After slaying The Puppeteer, the Friends of Dwarf on Back reattached Cardinal Dragonheart’s head, causing him to return from the dead (to his own great relief). Dragonheart has now accompanied the Friends back to Hades Manor.

Cardinal Dragonheart

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