Captain Darshak

Captain of the ghost ship Jewel of the Fallen Stars


Darshak is a sea-faring wizard who lived in ancient times. During his living days, Darshak made a deal with the tempestuous Umberlee for great power in order to rule the Sea of Fallen Stars. Darshak was quite successful, and only fell when he dared to invoke the Bitch Queen’s name imperatively without proper supplication.

Darshak is now a lich. He returned from the dead in order to forestall the Friends of Dwarf on Back from returning to the north, and seemed willing to offer passage to the party in exchange for The Phylactery. Negotiations broke down and conflict ensued. The Friends of Dwarf on Back were successful in defeating Darshak and his crew – First Mate Arath Nightcaller and Second Mate Seaslash Wildwind, and sunk Darshak’s ship, The Jewel of the Fallen Stars, back to its watery grave.


Captain Darshak

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