Dwarf on Back

Twelfth Adventure (by Vivi)

Episode 1

The party continued their journey towards Selgaunt, where the Archbishop’s ship was said to be docked.

Episode 2

The party dragged a reluctant but subdued William and Penelope back to the Trade Baroness Salope’s Manor. Salope immediately had her guards escort Penelope to her room, and William to the dungeons. She then thanked our heroes, and informed them that she had already sent word to lift the lockdown on the docks. Trade Baroness Salope also informed the group that the sea was rife with pirates. As such, she proposed a mutually beneficial arrangement, wherein the junk would escort, and be escorted by, several of her own trade ships. The party agreed, then headed to pick up the junk’s navigator.

Yellga used her uncanny streetwise abilities to locate The Rusty Trap tavern, where the navigator was rumored to be. At the tavern, they quickly found the drunken but jovial navigator. Yellga once again proved her usefulness by ingratiating the man, and he agreed to go with the group if Neil could beat him at arm wrestling. Neil agreed, they found a suitable table, and locked arms. At first, the navigator held his own, but after a few tense moments, he suddenly passed out and lost. The party then dragged him to the docks.

As they approached the docks, they noticed many people bustling around the various ships, and received a few respectful nods as they made their way to the junk. At the junk they found Captain Winky, who introduced the captains of the escort ships. The group decided to split up, one to a ship, in order to make their talents widely available should pirates strike:

  • Morlak and Nicolae boarded the two ships with the most powerful armaments.
  • Embergrace and went aboard the fastest ship.
  • Yellga and Titanius took the sturdiest ships.
  • And Neil boarded the Junk, which was the most well-rounded of the ships.

The vessels shoved off together, and they sailed uneventfully in formation for a couple of days until suddenly (GASP!), a lookout spotted several pirate ships closing in! An epic ship-to-ship battle ensued between and around some nearby islands!

Our heroes took to sea combat like fish to water, and quickly began directing and bolstering the crew, augmenting the weapons, making repairs, anything they could do to (figuratively) turn the tide. Embergrace also offered strong tactical advice throughout the battle, which helped to keep the fleet organized and on target.

The pirates split their fleet, with three ships holding a bottleneck between two islands, while a second trio sped around a large island to flank our champions’ ships. Nicolae made some smart strikes, quickly darting behind a smaller island each time, to force the enemy ships in to the open. Our team strategically focused down a heavy-hitting enemy ship, and crippled another, which retreated and began circling around another island. Morlak was able to deal massive damage, but strayed a bit too close, and the pirates focus-fired his ship down.

Neil and Nicolae closed in around the retreating ship, but it managed to sink Nicolae’s boat before it was taken down. Embergrace raced between ships, simultaneously firing at enemies on both sides of her boat, and managed to finish off more than one pirate craft. Unfortunately for the pirates, the flanking ships arrived late. Though they were able to sink Yellga’s straggling hulk (the boat, not Yellga herself), our group was able to quickly refocus on them and bring them down.

All in all, three of six friendly ships were sunk by the time the last pirate went under, with the junk among the surviving ships. Each of our heroes was recovered, as well as most of the crew, and some of the cargo. With the waters temporarily safe, the party sailed on towards their destination.



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